A Step Towards The Hugging Trees:

27th July 2020 – an introduction…….
It’s like trying to find a ‘four leaf clover’, when searching for your blog name.  It’s important because the name of your blog is a representation and extension of your personality, it’s all things you, and all that you strive out to be……
Ironically, Trees have played an important part in my life, from my first poem ‘Autumn Leaves’ written at the age of four, the rescuing of a lilac tree in my early teens abandoned and left to die, that I made my parents help rescue and carry home, we named that tree ‘Annie’ and it grew in our garden, and for all those incredible trees that have endlessly inspired my creativity, throughout my life.
It’s those Trees that protect us in all weathers, and are there for us when we need shelter, or to reflect, celebrate, and help drink the tears from our heartbreaks.  The trees that stand to attention along the roadside, or stare at us from the windows of the train, on those many long journeys home. The familiarity of them, it’s comforting, a gentle reminder in letting us know that the welcome light is in sight.
The Hugging Trees is dedicated to my beautiful Mum, who recently left this life as we know it, a Mother tree, always there with a branch to reach out and help guide or help me, or to lean on, or climb on when I had lost my view in life and couldn’t see the pathway, those formidable hugs that kept me going until the next time….the whispers in the wind that carry her voice through the leaves that rustle and remind me of our memories together and that sometimes sound like the sea that carries your dreams…..
This is my journey of dealing with the heart-wrenching grief, that suicidal cloak that sometimes appears in the room to tempt me to wear it, and then the sound of my Mum’s beautiful voice and brown marble eyes that suddenly distracts and keeps me focussed.
If just one leaf from ‘The Hugging Trees’ helps you with your grieving too … please remember, you are never alone, for we can always go together in search of its blossom……

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